Beth Shearon Digital Portfolio

Website Design, Development, Programming, Systems Analysis, Photo Editing, Graphics

HTML 1995, BS E-Commerce July 2011, BS Computer Science May 2012, 4.0 in majors

Classes: Computer Organization, Website Design & Development, Website Coding Development Tools, AJAX, Database Management Systems, Digital Photography, Advanced E-Marketing Applications, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Marketing, Networking, Consumer Behavior, Leadership Strategies in Fundraising and Grant Writing, some Spanish, Graphical User Interfaces, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Advanced Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems Design, Operating Systems & Computer Architecture, Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis

xHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, C++, Visual C++.NET, Java, Visual Basic.NET, Cobol, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Advanced C#.NET

Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MySQL, NetBeans, Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Visio 2010, radium3


C++ Retail Store Order Kiosk Software

C#.Net/ASP.Net E-Commerce Solution

PHP/SQL/JavaScript University-Level Educational Research Web Application Software with Database Integration

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Photo Editing

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side facepalm
red pushpin
blue oil derrick and landscape
doh dude
SMD logo

Systems Analysis Diagrams


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